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You cant take that away from me.

Happiness is an inside job Don’t assign anyone else That much power over your life  -Anonymous People don't steal smiles from you. They don't shame you. They may act like a total fuck nugget towards you. They may go out of their way to be unthoughtful or unkind. Maybe even downright mean. But when you say they are making me _____ because they said I was ____. Or they called me _____ and they are shaming me. I have to call bullshit. Here is why I say this. (Feel free to disagree) We are responsible for ourselves. If someone calls me a mentally weak cuck piece of shit that can't hold a job that will never be loved by anyone. If that was said to me I have not been shamed. Someone is merely sharing their opinion of me with me. That's it. Taking my smile away. Nope. That is all me. Shame? Nope. That would be me generating that feeling inside my self. If shame were actually something that we could generate and then force inside others the