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Being Mentally Ill is Easy!!

Pain is inevitable suffering is optional -Anonymous BEING mentally ill is EASY! Just standing around letting your symptoms ruin your quality of life. letting your symptoms ruin relationships. That is very EASY. It took zero effort. When I would lay in bed for 10 hours a day every day, dreading going out into the world. EASY, no expenditure of energy or effort. It was fucking miserable, but it was as simple as just laying there. Drugs, are easy. Isolation, is a cinch. Blame, no sweat. Self loathing, simple. Shame, no problama. Missing out, piece of cake. Giving up, effortless. All of these things so very painful. They are however eazy peezy lemon squeezy to do! LIVING with mental illness that is DIFFICULT! Getting up every day working for a quality of Life. Taking your medication. Tending your relationships. Everyday, I fight to the best of my ability. I can't just take some pills and go see a MD/PHD talk a bit and I'm good. That ju

Change: Hey where did you go?

If I exorcise my devils Well my angels may leave too When they leave they're so hard to find -Tom Waits If you make REAL noticeable, positive changes in your life don't be surprised when people notice.  Don’t be surprised if those who do notice, start talking shit to you or about you to others. Or seem less than supportive about your “New Thing.” You might find that people like the “old” you better.  You might even find that people don’t like the new you, AT ALL!  On the flip side - you could find that people who didn’t care for you before might really like you now.  It wouldn’t be change if everything stayed the same.   I’m sure you have heard stories of alcoholics and drug addicts mourning the loss of the people in their lives as they fight to get clean.  The people they lose are the ones still dominated by their need for chemicals.  These people are cast aside not because they are no longer loved by the person in recovery, but because they are standing in the way o