Bruce Lee

Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own -Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee

I like to quote Bruce Lee. He was funny, smart driven and wise. His entire trip was about martial arts. Not just martial arts but effective combat Martial arts. See as Bruce was learning and mastering Kung Fu he saw things that were very ineffective when it came to actual effective combat. He also learned very effective moves kicks and strikes. So Bruce adapted what was useful rejected the useless and added what was specifically his own and created his own Martial Art Called Jeet Kune do. He combined Wing Chun Kung Fu, Western boxing, Okinawan Karate, and EppĂ© Fencing  and made a fighting style and a philosophy. Pretty bad ass on multiple levels. Am I right?
In our lives we can take Bruce Lee’s example and apply it to just about anything we have before us. Do what is useful. You know do the stuff that really works in your life. Reject what is useless. Get rid of the shit that Just does not work. Finally, (and I think this is the most Important part) add what is specifically your own. We all bring something to the table so when creating your own personal Jeet Kune do add what makes it yours. Bring your own flavor and mix it in with what you have learned from others and add it to whatever it is you are passionate about.
It is very apparent that Bruce applied this to everything he did and he packed a lot of success into a very short life.
I can't see how adopting this little philosophy could do any harm and if it's not useful you can always reject it. Right?

Travel well!

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