A recent Letter

I think everyone should get letters like this!

Dear Elliott,
I wanted to recognize the hard work you have been doing recently.  I know that what may seem like a simple task for most can be very challenging for you. I know You have been through times in your life that pressed you so hard you only thought suicide would give you relief.  I know that you used to dread participating in the human experience. You cursed your body mind and soul.
Now I see a new light in your face. You are fundamentally the same man, yet you smile now because you're happy not because you’re hiding.  Where you once looked at everything as a burden that had to be endured. Now you approach life as the amazing journey that is a reward in itself to live. Hope has replaced hopelessness. Courage has risen from the fear. The struggle has been met with determination. You have transformed the entire world the hidden and the seen. Congratulations!
I want to remind you that you got to where you are because you worked hard. You accepted your life as it is. You let go of the things you wish you had and you embrace what and how you are. You embraced the idea that you would never have an easy life but you could have a rewarding, even happy life. All this in essence set you free.
In parting, I want you to keep in mind that you will fall. You will fail. You will lose your temper. You might even lose your shit and make a royal mess of things. If this happens brush yourself off. Stand up and go back to doing what you know is effective. Learn what you can from your setbacks, but don’t beat yourself up. Just rest, regroup and drive on. I have all the faith in the world that you can continue to have the fulfilling life you have worked to cultivate for yourself. Thank you for all you have done for me.
Always forward,

Elliott Smith


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