The Mask

The Mask

That mask you wear. The lie on your face.
The one that you think protects you. The one you think keeps you safe.  That mask is poison.
That mask is the tool you use to lie to your family and friends.
That mask you use to hide the true you, and that's the problem.
You see what you think is helping keep the real you safe actually hides the real you from the light. It hides the real you from the truth. So the real you shrivels in the dark and wades in lies. The real you starts to buy the lie that the mask you wear is good and the real you needs to be hidden.
Until the real you that has been forced behind the mask so often for so long no longer feels valuable to you.
The mask is poison.
The real you needs light to grow.
The real you need light to heal.
The real you is authentic there for beautiful.
So I ask you. I beg you. Take the mask and break it. Throw it away and be you.
Show you. Let the real you feel the light on your face.
That mask you wear. Is killing you. 5/25/18


  1. This by far is my favorite piece. It truly touched me because it is so rare personally to hear that the way I am, is beautiful. Between therapy twice a week and a mouthful of prescribed medications, it feels like I am constantly in a changing process. Changing my chemistry and changing me mentally is exhausting. But reading to take my mask and let my shine through through was so touching.


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