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A recent Letter

I think everyone should get letters like this! Dear Elliott, I wanted to recognize the hard work you have been doing recently.  I know that what may seem like a simple task for most can be very challenging for you. I know You have been through times in your life that pressed you so hard you only thought suicide would give you relief.  I know that you used to dread participating in the human experience. You cursed your body mind and soul. Now I see a new light in your face. You are fundamentally the same man, yet you smile now because you're happy not because you’re hiding.  Where you once looked at everything as a burden that had to be endured. Now you approach life as the amazing journey that is a reward in itself to live. Hope has replaced hopelessness. Courage has risen from the fear. The struggle has been met with determination. You have transformed the entire world the hidden and the seen. Congratulations! I want to remind you that you got to where you are because y

Goals, Goals, Goals!

Any person who knows where he’s going and what he’s doing is a success. -Earl Nightengale Contrary to popular belief, you can't just announce something about yourself create a Facebook page claiming the same thing and it's suddenly true. For years, I refused to make goals. For years, I was never positive if I was successful. People will misinform you and say “success means different things to different people”. That is not true. Success means “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose”. People have different goals. So people have different aims. But success is basically just doing what you set out to do. So what are your goals? They don't have to be huge, life transforming feats. It might just be getting out of bed or talking to a stranger. It could also be world domination or build the biggest Lego tower ever made. Your life, your goals. If you could give 0 fucks if you are successful (notice I didn't say that the world thinks you're successful) don&#

My Story

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You cant take that away from me.

Happiness is an inside job Don’t assign anyone else That much power over your life  -Anonymous People don't steal smiles from you. They don't shame you. They may act like a total fuck nugget towards you. They may go out of their way to be unthoughtful or unkind. Maybe even downright mean. But when you say they are making me _____ because they said I was ____. Or they called me _____ and they are shaming me. I have to call bullshit. Here is why I say this. (Feel free to disagree) We are responsible for ourselves. If someone calls me a mentally weak cuck piece of shit that can't hold a job that will never be loved by anyone. If that was said to me I have not been shamed. Someone is merely sharing their opinion of me with me. That's it. Taking my smile away. Nope. That is all me. Shame? Nope. That would be me generating that feeling inside my self. If shame were actually something that we could generate and then force inside others the

Bruce Lee

Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own -Bruce Lee Bruce Lee I like to quote Bruce Lee. He was funny, smart driven and wise. His entire trip was about martial arts. Not just martial arts but effective combat Martial arts. See as Bruce was learning and mastering Kung Fu he saw things that were very ineffective when it came to actual effective combat. He also learned very effective moves kicks and strikes. So Bruce adapted what was useful rejected the useless and added what was specifically his own and created his own Martial Art Called Jeet Kune do. He combined Wing Chun Kung Fu, Western boxing, Okinawan Karate, and EppĂ© Fencing  and made a fighting style and a philosophy. Pretty bad ass on multiple levels. Am I right? In our lives we can take Bruce Lee’s example and apply it to just about anything we have before us. Do what is useful. You know do the stuff that really works in your life. Reject what is useless. Get rid of the shi

Being Mentally Ill is Easy!!

Pain is inevitable suffering is optional -Anonymous BEING mentally ill is EASY! Just standing around letting your symptoms ruin your quality of life. letting your symptoms ruin relationships. That is very EASY. It took zero effort. When I would lay in bed for 10 hours a day every day, dreading going out into the world. EASY, no expenditure of energy or effort. It was fucking miserable, but it was as simple as just laying there. Drugs, are easy. Isolation, is a cinch. Blame, no sweat. Self loathing, simple. Shame, no problama. Missing out, piece of cake. Giving up, effortless. All of these things so very painful. They are however eazy peezy lemon squeezy to do! LIVING with mental illness that is DIFFICULT! Getting up every day working for a quality of Life. Taking your medication. Tending your relationships. Everyday, I fight to the best of my ability. I can't just take some pills and go see a MD/PHD talk a bit and I'm good. That ju

Change: Hey where did you go?

If I exorcise my devils Well my angels may leave too When they leave they're so hard to find -Tom Waits If you make REAL noticeable, positive changes in your life don't be surprised when people notice.  Don’t be surprised if those who do notice, start talking shit to you or about you to others. Or seem less than supportive about your “New Thing.” You might find that people like the “old” you better.  You might even find that people don’t like the new you, AT ALL!  On the flip side - you could find that people who didn’t care for you before might really like you now.  It wouldn’t be change if everything stayed the same.   I’m sure you have heard stories of alcoholics and drug addicts mourning the loss of the people in their lives as they fight to get clean.  The people they lose are the ones still dominated by their need for chemicals.  These people are cast aside not because they are no longer loved by the person in recovery, but because they are standing in the way o